Finally, Clippy for Chrome!
05 June 2014

Have you ever been browsing the web and thought to yourself: "This is too easy and completely not something I need help with... If only I had Clippy while browsing the web to try to help me!"

Neither have I. But here it is anyway.

Finally, Clippy for chrome!

Lets backtrack

The year was almost probably 2012. The month... well it was coldish.

I was being worldly and making my way through Berlin, a wonderful city full of coffee and parks. The javascript conference JSConf EU was going on at the time, and I figured I should attend. One thing led to another and I found myself doing what developers do at conferences: talking about code and drinking.

Long story short, Clippy came up (as it is wont to do) and in the state I was in I thought it would be a great idea to make Clippy for the web. Thus was born Clippy 2.0 Revenge of the Clip.

So I set at it. I quickly found clippy.js, a project made by the fine people at Smore, which I went and hacked up for the extension. In my free time over the next day or two I worked on it while I continued on my travels.

Then I forgot about it.

Coming across it recently, I decided to go ahead and put it out there in its current sad state. And here's where it hopefully gets fun.

I need you!!

Go to the github page and check out the code!

Over the next several days I'll be actively looking for your pull requests. Right now Clippy 2 is a mess, clearly it could be better in so many ways (functionality, code, etc..).

I'll be merging in your contributions, and then when the time is right republish the extension with your contributions included. Will it actually be helpful? Will Clippy continue to be an asshole?

Lets make clippy the best (or worst?) it can be!